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Today we’re introducing a new technology for the average home-owner. This system is called “chawk” and it is a smart digital water filter. The water filter will be able to detect when you need to flush your toilet. It will also allow you to turn it off when you are not using the toilet.

This new technology isn’t for the faint of heart. The system can easily detect when you flush your toilet and will turn off automatically. However, it will also allow you to activate this feature by punching a button on your remote. In other words, you can flush your toilet while you are away from the sink and the chawk will turn on automatically.

How cool is that? I can flush my toilet while I’m away from the sink. This is what makes me think that chawk technology is something that exists for the future. We’re just not here yet though.

This is the thing that has me going back and forth between people who think it is awesome that my toilet flush button turns off when I am away from the sink, and people who think it is the coolest idea ever. That’s a tough call to make. I’m a fan of the system in theory, but I’d hate to have the ability to flush my toilet while I am away from the sink. That way, I can just flick the button on my remote to turn it on.

chawk technology is a system that allows you to remotely operate your toilet with your smartphone. It is also the system that is making it possible to have your toilet flush at all times, not just when you are away from the bathroom. This isn’t a system that makes you happy, it is a system that will require you to turn off your phone in order to have your toilet flush.

The idea of having your toilet flush at all times is a very interesting one. With chawk technology you could have your toilet flush every time you reach the end of your shower. That would be fun. Imagine your toilet flushing when you reach orgasm.

A toilet flush is a really nice feature. It is also a bit scary. It is a privacy feature, and that’s exactly what you dont want to have in your bathroom. But, if you are going to put a toilet flush in your bathroom, you should at least put it in your shower.

But if your shower is so important to you, you should get yourself a flush toilet. There are many manufacturers out there that are doing it right. If you are going to use a toilet that flushes you might even want to make it one of those fancy flush toilets with some kind of a sensor that lets you know if it’s time to flush.

The problem is that the majority of flush toilets in the world are just like the one that was in your bathroom. There is a sensor, however, that lets you know when its time to flush. Thats why you want a toilet that flushes. You don’t need that thing that goes ‘POP!!! POP!!! POP!!!’ and spits out this whole other toilet that says ‘POP!!! POP!!! POP!!!’ all the time. Thats why you want a flush toilet.

Well, yes. But you need a flush toilet to flush. Thats true. And the majority of flush toilets in the world are just like your bathroom, except that they flushing doesnt get a whole lot of power out of them. The problem is that this sensor is not really that precise. Sometimes it doesnt detect itself is actually time to flush. And other times it detects itself is actually time to flush. So if you want a flush toilet, you probably dont want this one.

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