Chapter 1 Measurements Flashcards By Ms Lucy


Which of the statements about the discovery of electrons is FALSE? A) Because atoms are neutral, the existence of a negatively charged particle implied there must be a positively charged component of an atom. B) Thomson proposed that electrons were small particles held within a positively charged sphere. C) Rutherford proved the plum-pudding model correct. D) The negatively charged electron is located outside the nucleus. Two atoms are isotopes if they have the same A) number of neutrons and a different number of electrons.

Any digits that are written after this need to be considered as being left out, since they will be written before or after the next digit. Once all the relevant digits are in place, this is the final result that is produced. And because this is always significant, the decimals of any amount are always significant digits.

Paste this link in email, text or social media. Add, subtract, multiply and divide significant figures. Enter numbers, scientific notation or e notation and select the operator. So, scientists and mathematicians developed this method of representing a number in terms of powers of 10. According to sig fig rules, the non-zeros and zeros on the left side of a decimal point are significant.

Which of the following is not part of Dalton’s Atomic Theory? A) Each element is composed of tiny indestructible particles called atoms. B) All atoms of a given element have the same mass and other properties that distinguish them from the atoms of other elements.

In a numerical problem, chances of errors occur due to the presence of decimal points and repeated zeros. However, denoting significant figures minimizes these errors as the number of significant figures determines the precision. If performing makonews addition and subtraction only, it is sufficient to do all calculations at once and apply the significant figures rules to the final result. Significant figures are all numbers that add to the meaning of the overall value of the number.