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I am grateful to my spouse, Mary, for her support throughout my frequent absence from residence and absent-mindedness at home. “When the beige AGU envelope arrived in February, I eagerly opened it anticipating to read yet one more letter thanking me upfront for agreeing to serve on some vitally essential AGU committee. Learning that I was selected to obtain the Macelwane Medal was a pleasant shock, to say the least. It is indeed an honor to accept this recognition, and I share the honor with all my collaborators as a end result of our science, maybe greater than ever earlier than, is a cooperative venture. Lianxing Wen was certainly one of them, and based mostly on his early academic record, he was in all probability the smartest. He received the National Mathematics Competition at the age of 13, which allowed him to enter school early.

Chuck Carlson and Bob Lin had been important in this shift, eagerly offering advice and repeatedly sharing experiences. “At APL, I was launched to the ISTP program, the Geotail satellite, and energetic particle detectors. I was lucky to be in the firm of achieved instrumenters Don Mitchell and Nick Paschalidis and eager phenomenologists Tony Lui, Dave Sibeck and Victor Sergeev, then visiting from Russia.

In a sequence of papers, Paul confirmed that when a present sheet separating opposing magnetic fields types and has massive width, resistive effects dominate, and the fields reconnect relatively slowly. When the sheet thins to kinetic scales, collisionless effects abruptly become dominant, and reconnection becomes a lot faster. Paul’s analysis confirmed that there exists an unlimited parameter regime by which each types of reconnection are stable. He developed several innovative tests of this hypothesis and successfully validated it; the results could also be essential for understanding photo voltaic flares.

People who opposed the protests argued that protesters were spreading “chaos and fear” across the town, causing harm to the financial system and thus harming folks not concerned within the protests. On the opposite hand, protesters justified their actions by what they noticed as the larger good of protecting the territory’s freedoms in opposition to the encroachment of mainland China. Family relationships were strained, as youngsters argued with their dad and mom over their attending protests, both as a outcome of they felt that the protests reflected outdated values, or they disagreed with their parent’s political stance or the way of the protests. It additionally attempted to reshape the narrative of the Yuen Long assault by claiming that the assault had not been indiscriminate, altering the formally reported police response time, and arresting Lam Cheuk-ting, a pro-democracy lawmaker who was damage in the assault, for “rioting”. “Under the supervision of Nico and Rinus, I began a graduate analysis project that aimed to review the tectonic evolution of the Caribbean area.

The unprecedented electoral success of the pro-democracy voters, the mass arrests through the PolyU siege, and faster response by police contributed to a lower within the depth and frequency of the protests in December 2019 and January 2020. Despite this, the CHRF organised two marches to take care of strain on the government on eight December 2019 and 1 January 2020. Alex Chow Tsz-lok, a 22-year-old scholar at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology , was later found unconscious on the second floor of the estate’s car park.

The judiciary was also scrutinized after judge Kwok Wai-kin devoted a lot of his sentencing assertion to comment on the adverse impacts of the protests and to expressing sympathy towards a stabber who attacked three individuals in September 2019 near a Lennon Wall. Some uniformed officers used foul language to harass and humiliate protesters and journalists and provoked protesters. An officer was reprimanded by his superiors for shouting derisive comments individual sports require the coach to make all of the decisions for the athlete. to protesters in regards to the death of Chow Tsz-lok. Police described a person sporting a yellow vest who was taken to an alley, surrounded by law enforcement officials, and apparently physically abused by considered one of them, as a “yellow object”.

This article argues that we are not prepared to resolve such issues as a end result of present analyses of the issue confuse globalization’s effects on states with its results on democracy and relaxation on problematic assumptions concerning the relationship between states and democracy. An various strategy that makes use of globalization as a lens through which to concentrate on this relationship reveals that the problem is deeper and more complicated than both of the present accounts recognizes. A sound analysis of the problem must start with a greater understanding of the origins, nature, and implications of democracy’s spatial and normative ties to the state and its entanglement with the modern discourse of sovereignty. Arguing that the hegemony of the neoliberal/capitalist nexus have to be challenged if we’re to address the proliferating challenges dealing with our world, this inspiring book explains how democracy can revive the political fortunes of the left. Explores points central to the civil uprisings that swept the world in 2011, drawing profound connections between democracy and neoliberalism in an city context. Features in-depth analysis of key political theorists corresponding to Gramsci; Lefebvre; Rancière; Deleuze and Guattari; and Hardt and Negri.