Can You Use Green Flame Blade And Booming Blade With Extra Attack Opportunity


At level 3, Rogues can take the Arcane Trickster archetype. These Rogues learn three cantrips what does pk mean in betting from the Wizard spell list. A gang of dangerous Arcane Tricksters could do even more damage.

If you play for a while, you will realize that targets usually like to stay out of melee range for obvious reasons. Wizards and Rogues, for instance, are known to maintain a good distance from their targets. For foes that like to maintain a certain distance from you, the Booming Blade spell card could be a great alternative. For example, if a disastrous Booming Blade hits a Wizard, he would think twice before fleeing. Fighting packs of goblins at low levels illustrates this problem.

This means no push-pull combos with the fighter or the barbarian. Unlike Twinned Spell, you can cast the War Caster opportunity attack spell so long as it targets “only that creature.” This doesn’t mean that the spell must be incapable of hitting multiple targets. You use whatever ability you use to make a weapon attack . It would would say spell attack if it wanted you to use you spell casting ability. Can someone confirm whether the “melee attack” uses the casting ability, such as Intelligence, because it is a cantrip, or else uses Strength or Dexterity because it is a weapon.

Try hitting the enemy with Booming Blade before running for the hills. As you can imagine, chasing someone is hard enough when thunder damage isn’t involved. Characters can use Booming Blade to restrict an opponent’s options in combat. Hitting a creature with Booming Blade sheaths it in light.

Easy walkthrough guides for players new to TTRPGs and DnD 5E, and even those who want a refresher to play the game. If you take a Shove action or grapple someone and want to drag them around the battlefield, they are not willingly moving. Instead, Booming Blade’s range mimics an area of effect spell-like Thunderwave. The effect originates from you and can take effect on any creature within a 5-foot radius. This spell does not work with unarmed strikes since they aren’t considered weapons and although you are a valuable member of the team, your fists might not be worth more than 1sp. After being struck by a Booming rapier, an enemy can either wait around to get attacked or face the thunder.