Can you make smoothies in a food processor?

food processor, mixer, device @ Pixabay

When it comes to kitchen appliances, there are many choices. Of course, the most obvious choice is a blender.

But do you know what makes a food processor better than a blender? We have compiled five different ways that this can be true in our blog post today!

food processor, mixer, device @ Pixabay

-A blender is better for making sauces, smoothies, and batters. A food processor’s blade can’t get past the solids in these foods to thoroughly mix them or blend them together. This doesn’t mean a food processor has no use! It just means that it won’t work as well with certain types of items. Blenders are designed so that they don’t have too much resistance when mixing thick liquids like sauces, milkshakes and some purees such as avocado or pumpkin baby food simply because there isn’t enough friction between blades to heat up the mixture which causes unfavorable results. The more powerful motor on a blender also helps break down chunks of ice if you’re using frozen drinks in your menu plan


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