Can you make slime with wood glue?

repair, glue, fix @ Pixabay

It’s the time of year when many people are looking for something to do with their kids. You’re in luck because we have a great slime recipe that you can make at home! All you need is some wood glue and water. It looks like this: In this blog post, our expert will give you 28 key takeaways on how to make slime at home using wood glue and water. -Slime is a substance that behaves like a liquid when it’s in motion, but becomes solid or “sticky” when at rest.

repair, glue, fix @ Pixabay

-If slime has too much water inside of it, the particles will separate and create an oily surface on top of the fluid. When this happens, take out some of the excess water before continuing to step away from your desired consistency. -It takes about one cup of wood glue for every two cups worth (or more) of warm water to make slime with wood glue without any extra ingredients needed!

You may want to use a tablespoon or so per container full if you are using store purchased containers such as milk cartons as well. Add just enough flour at first until you


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