Can you lose elite smash?

hammer, sledgehammer, mallet @ Pixabay

The question on many people’s minds is how can you lose an elite smash?

This article will answer that question and more.

We’ll discuss the concept of losing an elite smash, why it’s important to know what it means to lose a game in this way.

What some other terms are used for when someone loses a game in this fashion.

What Does it Mean to Lose an Elite Smash?

hammer, sledgehammer, mallet @ Pixabay

An elite smash is a game in which one player defeats the other using only their hands and feet.

It’s called this because of how difficult it is to defeat someone who has mastered these skills.

Learning how to lose efficiently will give anyone playing with you that much more respect for your skill level.

Even if they don’t beat you themselves.

Losing an elite smash can happen when one player knocks out his or her opponent within 15 seconds of starting the match (one point).

By throwing them offstage without them being able to respond effectively (two points).

By preventing him or herself from getting hit at all during the match (three points), or through any means necessary.


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