Can you look at the sun with a welding helmet?

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It’s a question that is often asked, but not always answered.

Can you look at the sun with a welding helmet? The answer to this question is yes. Of course, it would be best if you don’t stare at the sun for too long while wearing your welding helmet – just like any time you are out in the sunlight!

job, welding, people @ Pixabay

What is a welding helmet?

A welding helmet (or flux-cored arc welder mask) is the type of eye protection that comes in handy for welders.

They can be used on any kind of electrical or other industrial equipment, but they are also often made to withstand high temperatures and wind conditions if you work outdoors. Welding helmets come with various different levels and types of filtering lenses depending on what fits your needs best.

Whether it’s color filters to protect against light pollution from artificial lights at night, shade 11 filter for brighter days under some sun coverings, or even an IR filter to reduce heat exposure during hot weather. We offer them all! Possible Topics: Safety Equipment for Welders; When You Don


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