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Nature or Nurture: Genetics, Environment and the Origins of Personality .

The debate on nature versus nurture is one that has been debated for years.

bali, beach, caucasian people @ Pixabay

It’s a question that most people have an opinion on to some degree (and many with strong opinions).

But what does the science say? Researchers are able to take a deeper look into this now more than ever before.

This blog post will discuss four perspectives on how genetics and environment can influence personality development and why it matters in terms of who we become as adults.

Genes are a major factor in determining who we grow up to be.

The genes that you inherit from your parents have an important effect on how children develop, both physically and psychologically (Thompson & Nelson, 2016). 

In some cases one of two versions of a gene will produce more protein than another; this leads to differences in traits such as intelligence levels among individuals with identical DNA sequences. The environment can also play a role in shaping who we become: for example people living near polluted waters may suffer ill effects not only themselves but their offspring too due to higher rates of


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