Car jumping is a popular sport that has been around for as long as cars have existed.

There are many misconceptions about car jumping, such as the idea that it’s only possible when it rains or that you need rubber tires to do it.

But what if we told you not only can you jump a car in the rain but also on dry pavement with normal tires?

First, you’ll need a car with a manual transmission. See John’s Honda CRV on the right.

Next, find an open location where it is safe to do this activity.

car, vehicle, sports car @ Pixabay

You will want ample space on either side of your vehicle for jumping and landing – ideally at least 20 feet or six meters in any direction from your starting point.

An empty parking lot would be ideal!

After finding our spot we parked off the edge of the pavement so that there was enough room for us to jump both onto and over it while still keeping clear ground around us.

Now take notice: Your tires should not have too much tread, as heavier rubber tires are more difficult to lift up when they land back down.


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