Can you instantiate an interface.

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What is a interface?

Well, it’s an abstract class that defines the methods and properties that are common to all of its derived classes.

So if you want to create an object, but don’t know what type of object will be needed in your program.

Then you can create an interface with the methods and properties that would work for any type of object.

You can instantiate interfaces by implementing them on a class or by using inheritance from another interface.

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Designing a program can be difficult if the programmer doesn’t know all of the types that will need to interact.

By creating an interface, you’re guaranteeing that your code will work for any type of object.

The best way to do this is by using inheritance from another interface or implementing it on a class.

Doing so also reduces duplicated code and increases flexibility in your programs! If you have never designed an abstract before then don’t worry because there are tons of resources online with tutorials on how to create them.

It’s not as hard as it sounds!

You might even want to get other people involved when designing interfaces.


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