Can you imagine that lyrics.

dream, clouds, sleep @ Pixabay

Can you imagine that lyrics?

That is the question many people ask themselves when they are listening to their favorite song.

Even though it seems like a silly question, it can be answered with some simple logic.
The lyrics in your favorite song were written by someone.

If we look at the words on paper, would they still sound as good?

Probably not! We will explore this idea more in depth below: Keyword: music Audience: music lovers who are interested in music theory and lyrics.

Goal: to explore the idea of how lyrics make a song more than just words on paper. What is Music Theory?

dream, clouds, sleep @ Pixabay

It’s important to know what you’re talking about when exploring this topic, so we’ll start with some basics before diving into the goodies! Music has many different elements that can be broken down for clarity but it all stems from melody, rhythm, harmony, timbre (sound).

Form and texture. The basic definition of each element will come later as well as an explanation of why they matter in terms of songwriting!

For now let’s focus on melody which is defined by Webster’s dictionary as “continuous succession or flow.


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