Can you identify the type of species interaction that each label describes?

monkey, mammal, animal @ Pixabay

“Label Match- What Kind of Species Interaction Is It?” is a fun game that will challenge your knowledge of the different types of species interactions.

As you can see, the game board has three rows starting with “Predator,” “Prey,” and “Competition.”

In each row, there are a total of five cards. Each card displays one label from the following list:

1) Competition

2) Mutualism

3) Parasitism

4) Symbiosis

5) Predation .

In the first row, you can see that there are three cards with “Competition,” two cards with “Mutualism” and one card with “Predation.”

In this game it is important to remember which type of interaction a label refers to.

monkey, mammal, animal @ Pixabay

To be able to identify what kind of species interaction each card represents, players must answer trivia questions about different types of interactions.

For example: What’s an example of Mutualism?

Answer: Exchange between organisms or groups in which both benefits from their relationship If player answers Competition correctly then they advance five spaces on the board.

If not, they go back four spaces and get another question until someone answers correctly. The person who gets furthest down the board wins! 


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