Can you hide your snap score?

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Snapchat is the most popular social media app for sharing selfies and pictures, but it can also be a highly addictive waste of time. The company recently introduced Snapscore to encourage users to share more content on their platform – but there’s a way around it!

snapchat, social media, photograph @ Pixabay

Here are six ways you can hide your Snapscore:

1. Turn off score notifications 2. Use Snapchat Spectacles instead of your phone 3. Change your privacy settings to “Ghost Mode” (requires an update) 4. Turn off Geostickers in Settings > Customize > Geofilters & Stickers > Geostickers 5. Avoid logging into other apps using Facebook or Google+ integration when you have an account on both.

In summary, you can hide your Snapchat score by turning off notifications and using Spectacles instead of your phone. You can also limit the Geostickers that appear in your Snaps by changing privacy settings to “Ghost Mode” (requires an update). If you have a Facebook or Google+ account and use other apps with those platforms for login purposes, be sure not to log into them when logged into all three at once.

If you’re interested in more tips like these for how to get the most out of Snapscore while still hiding it from others, check our blog next week! We’ll share six ways you can make every day feel like Sunday without sacrificing productivity – only moments. Until then: enjoy life


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