Can you hear me now meme?

listening, listen, upset @ Pixabay

In today’s world, more and more people are communicating via phone to share information. From talking with friends and family to making business calls, our phones have become an integral part of how we communicate in a modern society. However, just because the phone is too far away from your mouth doesn’t mean you should forget about proper manners!

In this blog post for “Can you hear me now?”

A Comprehensive Guide to Phone Etiquette, we will go over some tips on what not to do when using the phone that will make any conversation much better! We’re going to talk about how you should never: -speak too loudly on the phone so that it’s difficult for the other person on the line to hear you. Remember, they can’t see your facial expressions and are just listening! -talk with someone who is very far away from their mouth like some kind of Hollywood movie star. You want them to be able to hear what you’re saying! Speak up and don’t mumble under your breath – because if they can’t understand what you said, chances are no one else will either. In this blog post we’ll go over a few tips for what not do when using the phone which will keep any conversation much better! ~~ Here


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