Can you hear me knocking tab?

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Guitar players everywhere have struggled with the problem of noise and distortion. It’s a common issue that plagues many musicians, but there are some ways to reduce this without having to buy new gear or replace your guitar strings.

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In this post we will discuss 11 tips for reducing noise and distortion on your guitar! -Clean the strings & fretboard by wiping with a cloth after every time you play. Not only will this help to reduce dirt and grime from accumulating, but it can also remove some of those pesky ozone molecules that are bound to get trapped in there over time. -Dampen your guitar’s body or case if they’re resonating too much; this is especially useful for acoustics.

Simply place a damp towel on top of them so as not to damage anything inside (such as electronics). If nothing else, try rubbing the backside with a wet hand: while moisture may leave residue behind, at least it won’t hurt any instruments! What do you think about these tips? What other tricks have


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