can you have two paypal accounts,

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You may have heard about the many benefits of having two Paypal accounts. For example, some people use one to sell items and another for a personal account. When it comes time to pay taxes, you only need to worry about one account! If you are thinking of opening a second Paypal account but are not sure how, read on for more information. Step One: Log in to your existing Paypal account on the website and click “Sign out.” Once you are logged into the other account,

log back in using this same email. This ensures that both accounts will have access to all of your information. If you do not see a prompt for two-step verification, be sure to enable it before continuing with these steps! Step Two: Click “Enable Billing Agreement” at the top right corner of the page. You can also find this by clicking Settings then Sharing Preferences. The agreement gives Paypal permission to charge an item or service from one account (which could be for business use) and transfer money from another if there is insufficient funds on either side. PayPal suggests reading


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