If you only have one modem in your home, then the answer is no. You can’t have two modems at the same time. But what if you want to connect more than two devices? Does that mean you need to buy a second modem? Not necessarily! There are other ways of getting internet access throughout your house without having to purchase an extra device.

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We’ll discuss some options below: 1) Ethernet cables – these are very common and easy for most people to use. The downside is that they require power outlets since they operate on electric signals instead of radio waves like Wi-Fi does. With this option, it’s important not to exceed the recommended length or quality standard for cable length (100 meters).

If you need to go beyond that length, you’ll want an Ethernet over power line adapter. The other downside of this option is that it doesn’t work well at all for devices with large screens or a lot of data needs like gaming consoles or smart TVs.

The further away from the router they are, the slower their internet will be and there’s no way around it unless your cables have some kind of booster on them in which case you should consult the manufacturer about any additional costs. But if your goal is only to get access throughout a single room (e.g., one bedroom) then an ethernet cable would still be better than Wi-Fi because its signal strength can actually penetrate walls whereas Wi-Fi signals cannot so having two


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