What does it mean to have negative resistance?

Well, the first thing that people think of when they hear this term is something that has a tendency to resist any and all movement. This can be related back to physics, where an object with negative resistance would act like a rubber band- if you pull on it, it will move away from you instead of towards you.

So what does that tell us about how we experience this in everyday life? The second thing people may think of when hearing the term ‘negative resistance’ is something that impedes or opposes progress. In other words, there is some force fighting against your effort and energy!

The third way of describing negative resistance is as something that’s hard to describe or difficult to define. This term can be used when someone doesn’t know what they want, but knows it when they find it- a little bit like the feeling you get from having your cake and eating it too!

For example: If I have green eyes, then my eye color would be considered positive resistence because it resists any other colors by overpowering them with its own hue. In this sense, green would be described as being opposed/resisting all colours except for itself in order to “win”. The opposite of this is if I had blue eyes; My eye color would then become negative resistence due to the fact that my hues


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