Can you get to that chords?

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How are you feeling today? Are you happy, sad, tired or excited?

That can depend on the type of music that is playing. The same thing goes for content marketing. You may feel more motivated after reading an article about how to increase conversion rates or find a great infographic with statistics about SEO best practices. There are so many articles and infographics out there that it would be impossible to cover them all in one blog post!

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In this post we will go over some of our favorite charts related to content marketing and provide links where you can learn more information about each topic. In your content marketing, do you know which articles are the best for conversion rates? You can find all sorts of data to help make this decision.

For instance, an article about how to increase conversion rates will be more valuable than one on social media tips. To determine which topics have the most value in terms of conversions, take a look at some graphs and charts: * The percentage of traffic that comes from organic sources has been steadily declining over time * In 2016 so far, Facebook is generating less referral traffic than Google or direct visits * From January-August 2016, YouTube accounted for 23% of social referrals __ Charts sourced from Amy Porterfield’s presentation “SEARCH FOR PRODUCTIVITY”


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