Can you get drunk off vanilla extract?

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It is possible to get drunk from vanilla extract, but there are two main factors that will determine whether or not you get intoxicated.

The first is your body weight and the second is how much vanilla extract is in your bloodstream.

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If you weigh 130 pounds and consume a tablespoon of pure vanilla extract, it would take about four hours for the alcohol to show up on a breathalyzer test.

For someone who weighs 180 pounds, however, it would only take two hours for the same amount of time to pass before they can be arrested for driving under the influence. The other important factor is how much vanilla extract you consume.

In contrast, if you weigh 180 pounds and only drink one teaspoon of pure vanilla extract, it will only take half an hour before the person can be arrested for driving under the influence because they consumed less in total volume than their lighter counterpart.

This means that your intake matters more than your weight when determining whether or not you’re able to get drunk off something like vanilla extract.

If you’re consuming a large quantity at once, then even though your body might process smaller amounts faster due to its size.


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