Can you get away Tupac lyrics!

Tupac Shakur was a rap icon and one of the most influential artists in modern music. His lyrics were always poetic, deep, and meaningful.

In this blog post, we explore his song Can You Get Away to find out what he really meant when he said “can you get away”.

“Can you get away?” is a lyric from the song Can You Get Away by Tupac Shakur. It’s unclear what he means when he asks this question, and that leaves us with many possible interpretations.

lyrics, sheet music, note @ Pixabay

The lyrics are poetic and deep enough to interpret in multiple ways, but we’ll examine one specific interpretation below:

Is “can you get away” an escape? A plea for peace of mind? Perhaps it speaks to our need as humans for freedom or change.

It could even be interpreted as a challenge – can I just let go? The first verse of the song begins with these words: “I’m tired of being me/while my friends don’t seem to care.” 

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