Yes, you can get a DUI outside of your car. In fact, most DUIs are given to people who were arrested while driving under the influence.

But what if you were at the bar with friends and got in an argument?

What if you had been drinking at home?

Does that mean it’s impossible for you to get a DUI without driving a motor vehicle?

No, not necessarily!

There are many ways to be convicted of this crime – from being on foot, or even riding a bicycle.

And because alcohol is so common in our society these days (especially since it’s legal), it’s worth knowing about these other methods that could lead to charges against your license and potentially jail time.

handcuffs, caught, crime @ Pixabay

This blog post tells you about the different ways you can get a DUI, even if you are not driving.

The article will go over some methods that one could use in order to be convicted of this crime outside of driving their car. One such method is being on foot or riding a bicycle as well.


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