Can you freeze tamales?

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There are many different types of tamales, but the two most popular styles are pork and beef. This article will show you how to freeze both kinds of tamales.

First, boil the tamales in a pot of water for at least 15 minutes. This will make them easier to remove from their corn husks and peel off any excess cornmeal that might be stuck on the outside.

Once boiled, place each one individually into an airtight freezer bag or container with a label noting what kind it is so you can easily find it later.

tamales, mexico, food @ Pixabay

Next, wrap up your pork or beef tamales in aluminium foil before placing them inside one another. Wrap tightly but not too tight as some steam needs to escape while they are freezing and when they thaw out during the cooking time.

You want to create as little space between each individual package as possible to reduce wasted space by taking up two packages.


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