Can you freeze summer sausage?

sausages, barbecue, grill @ Pixabay

Do you enjoy summer sausage?

If so, have you ever wondered if the sausage can be frozen and enjoyed later on in the year when it is cold outside?

Frozen summer sausage is a great way to preserve your favourite flavour. The process of freezing sausages is not difficult at all. Here are six steps that will show you how to freeze summer sausage and make sure it tastes just as good as fresh! 

fool, meal, sausage @ Pixabay

Step One: Cook the sausage according to package instructions. You can also, cook it on a hot griddle. Make sure that you fry up all of your desired amounts before moving onto step two! 

Step Two: Let the cooked summer sausage cool completely and then place them in freezer bags or plastic containers with tight-fitting lids.

Place these into the freezer until they are needed again later down the road (make sure not to freeze for more than six months). This is how easy it is to freeze sausages – just follow these simple steps! 


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