Can you freeze pudding?

pudding, vanilla pudding, raspberries @ Pixabay

Can you freeze pudding?

The answer is yes! You can also use this technique for making chocolate pudding. One of the best things about freezing pudding is that it will allow you to make a large amount and then enjoy it at your leisure.

chocolate pudding, vanilla pudding, dessert @ Pixabay

In this blog post, we are going to cover three reasons why you should freeze your pudding:

1) It’s easier to “grab-n-go”

2) There’s no need to worry about spoilage

3) Pudding lasts longer than ice cream in the freezer 

The first reason to freeze your pudding is that it will last longer.

The second reason to freeze your pudding is that you can enjoy different flavours by rotating the puddings in and out of the freezer as needed.

And finally, the third reason why you should make sure to always have a stash of ready-made desserts on hand for when the company stops by unannounced or any other time there’s an emergency dessert need!

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