Can you freeze pomegranate seeds?

pomegranate, fruits, food @ Pixabay

In this blog post, we will discuss an easy way to freeze pomegranate seeds so that you can enjoy them all year long. It’s a great idea for those who love the taste of seasonal fruit but don’t want to buy it when it is in season and then find out they have nothing to eat during the off-season.

These are three simple steps that will make preserving your favourite fruit a breeze!

pomegranate, fruit, seeds @ Pixabay

Step One: Cut the pomegranate in half. Remove any seeds you can see and then break open one of the halves to have access to all of its juicy goodness. It should separate into many little pieces that are easy to pick out with your fingers, or a spoon if you want more precision.

Step Two: Fill up a clean ice cube tray about halfway full with water. If there is too much room left over for seeds, add some extra cubes until they fit loosely inside each compartment without spilling over the sides when frozen solid.

Step Three: Add about three tablespoons per section and fill them completely with fresh fruit juice before freezing on their own as instructed by your freezer’s instructions! 


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