Can you freeze marshmallows?

hot chocolate, snow, winter @ Pixabay

Freezing marshmallows is a great idea to have on hand for the winter. They are perfect for making hot cocoa, s’mores, and even ice cream. I am going to show you how easy it is to freeze your marshmallows with this tutorial.  Freeze the marshmallows for at least 24 hours before use put them in a container that will fit all of your future frozen goodies, such as an ice cream tub or tupperware with tall walls and a lid. Leave room on top of the marshmallows to place another layer once they get bigger after freezing again.

mouse bacon, mice bacon, marshmallow @ Pixabay

The additional layer helps avoid freezer burn which can happen if you have nothing but air between layers. Remember to label what is inside each dish so it’s easy to find later. Label one “hot cocoa” and one “s’mores.” This way when you are looking for either recipe next time, you know where they are located without having to search through every item.


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