Do you have a favorite flavor of Jello?

What about the time when you were little and your mom let you add fruit to it before putting it in the fridge? If so, then these hacks are for YOU. From freezing Jello to stacking it with other foods, we have ten different ideas that will make your next Jell-O eating experience something new. See what I did there? I added fruit to the list! Let’s get started with our top ten Jello hacks.

slime, jelly, aspic @ Pixabay

Freezing Jello is a great way to make your favorite flavors last longer, or you can use it for desserts like pie filling and ice cream topping. Just remember not to freeze it in blocks because they will be difficult to break up when thawed. If you have more than one flavor of gelatin mix together and then layer them using different colors for variety. It looks really cool when frozen too.

You can also stack most foods on top of each other before freezing so that everything gets an even amount of time in the freezer (like cookies) but don’t forget that some things might take forever if stacked.


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