Can you freeze Jambalaya?

paella, jambalaya, shrimp @ Pixabay

Jambalaya is a spicy dish that is typically eaten in the Southern United States. It consists of rice, tomatoes, and vegetables mixed with various meats like chicken or sausage. Jambalaya can be frozen after cooking but there are some things to consider before doing so.

paella, jambalaya, shrimp @ Pixabay

If you want to know how to freeze jambalaya for storage, then read on! Keywords: freezing food, jambalaya, Body: The first thing to keep in mind when freezing jambalaya is that the dish does not freeze well if any raw meat or seafood are present. Jambalayas with these ingredients will need to be frozen after cooking before they can safely be transferred into a freezer-safe container for extended storage.

This is because raw meats and seafood have enzymes that cause them to spoil quickly even at refrigerated temperatures. To avoid this issue entirely, use all cooked meats like chicken or sausage instead of adding raw shrimp, oysters, etc., during preparation. Once your prepared dish has cooled for an hour it should be safe enough to store in the freezer without risking bacterial growth since bacteria cannot survive.


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