Frozen flour tortillas are an excellent staple for the freezer. You can use them as a quick breakfast, lunch or dinner item just by heating them up and adding your favorite toppings. Here is how to store and freeze flour tortillas for future meals! – Roll each tortilla tightly and place in a freezer bag. Squeeze out all the air from the bag before sealing it shut. *Tip: If you are using gallon bags, fold your tortillas over so they fit into a smaller space to save on storage room.

bread, baking, fresh @ Pixabay

– When completely frozen, stack them up neatly inside of an extra large zip top freezer sandwich bag or two regular size ones for easy access until needed again! Label with date if desired as well.* Tip: You can also wrap stacks in foil that is labeled with product and date information just be sure to remove wrapping when ready to use! *TIP: Make homemade flour tortillas by whisking together water, salt, vegetable oil and whole wheat


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