can you freeze egg salad,

Egg salad is a delicious, protein-packed dish that is perfect for lunch or dinner. It can be made in advance and stored in the refrigerator for up to five days. And it’s easy! Here are 5 steps to make egg salad: 1) Hard boil eggs 2) Peel them by cracking shells all around with an egg separator or sharp knife 3) Slice eggs 4) In a bowl, combine all ingredients (eggs, mayonnaise, celery seed salt pepper onion powder mustard sugar apple cider vinegar lemon juice pickles jalapeno peppers chopped olives sweet relish diced tomatoes green onions –

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optional but recommended!) together until thoroughly mixed; season with additional salt and pepper to taste If you’re going to put a pre-made egg salad in the freezer, be sure to use ice cube trays. Combine eggs with mayonnaise and other ingredients as mentioned above. Freeze one tablespoon of mixture per individual tray; then transfer frozen cubes into an airtight container or bag for storage until needed Eggs can also be stored raw without adding any additional water if they are covered by a brine solution consisting of three tablespoons salt dissolved in two cups cold water; allow them to sit at least overnight before using on salads or sandwiches. Eggs should not be submerged for more than one hour! So it is advisable that this procedure only be done once every few months, since some say that storing eggs under these conditions

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