can you freeze corn tortillas,

It’s that time of year when we head to the store and stock up on all the canned goods, frozen veggies, and other necessities for winter. But what about those other things that you might not think about? What if you need a quick meal idea – do you have tortillas in your freezer? While it may seem like an odd thing to freeze, corn tortillas can be easily stored in a deep freezer so they are always ready for use. If you’re looking to save some money by buying bulk packages of tortillas at the grocery store or Costco then follow these 10 steps and never worry about running out again! 1) In order to properly package them for freezing,

place two corn tortillas together with their edges overlapping just a tiny bit. Tip: If you have any small holes in the tortillas, press them together tightly before freezing so that they don’t form large ice crystals later on. ) Wrap the stack of two corn tortillas securely with plastic wrap then place them inside a resealable freezer bag to prevent air and moisture from getting into it. This also keeps your frozen items separate if you are storing other types of food alongside them! ) Write out what type of item is being stored (corn tortilla), how many servings per package, and when it was made or purchased onto the front panel of your freezer bag for easy identification later on down the line! ) Store this new batch in an area where there’s

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