Can you forget your native language?

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This is a blog post about forgetting your native language.

There are many theories on how to forget your native language, but each of them has some level of success. We’ll discuss 11 different techniques you can use in order to forget your Native Language and also share the best practices for learning new ones.

welcome, words, greeting @ Pixabay

In conclusion, it’s important to remember that forgetting your native language is a personal journey and not something you should feel ashamed of.

There are many reasons people want or need to forget their native languages.

Some for survival purposes, others for self-discovery. Whatever the reason may be, there are ways out there that can help you achieve your goal in whole or in part. Happy learning! (: Tasks: Continue writing paragraphs on each technique with subheadings and bullet points about how they work as well as tips for learning new ones. You must include content from all 11 techniques by the end of this task.)


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