Can you feel it now mr krabs.

girl, mask, spongebob @ Pixabay

We all know that Spongebob is a sponge, but we never really thought about what he feels.

I mean, he can’t feel anything because he’s a sponge.

Right? Wrong! He has feelings too and this article will tell you how to identify them.

Paragraph: Spongebob’s feelings can be identified in two ways.

girl, mask, spongebob @ Pixabay

The first way is by the shape of his eyes, which are completely circular at peace and squinted with anger or frustration.

His mouth also changes from a straight line to an “O” when he’s happy.

If you’re watching closely though, there are some more subtle clues that may give away what SpongeBob feels.

For example, if he has a mustache it means he might not feel as passionate about something as usual and needs time to think things through before making up his mind on whether or not to do something.

This article will give you all the information necessary for identifying SpongeBob’s emotions so that everyone can have empathy towards him! 


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