Can you ever forgive me dvd.

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Can you ever forgive me?

The question in the title of this movie is one that many people find themselves asking.

In a world where people are constantly judging others, it can be hard to have faith in someone’s ability to change for the better.

When we lock ourselves into a certain mindset, it becomes difficult to see any good inside of anyone else.

This is true even when there are things about them that we like or admire.

They will always find a way to remind us of their shortcomings and show us how they don’t live up to our expectations.

But as the film “Can You Ever Forgive Me?” proves, people can change.

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When Lee Israel realizes that her career is coming to an end and she has no other job prospects lined up (outside of waitressing).

She decides to turn her talent for forging letters into a source of income.

At first, this might seem like it’s just about money- but then we come to understand that what motivates Lee are two things.

Revenge on those who have wronged her in the past, and trying desperately not to become someone who would betray another person or use them as ruthlessly as others have done with her.

The more time goes by though, the less sure Lee becomes about whether or not she will ever be able.


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