Can you escape the house.

You’re trapped inside.

There’s a door, but it won’t open.

You must solve puzzles and find clues to escape the house!

Escape the House is a room-escape puzzle game. You are trapped inside and must find clues to solve puzzles so you can escape!

The door won’t open, but there may be other ways out..can you figure them out?

Find objects and information in every room of the house to help you reveal your way out.

Outwit cunning locks that change their combination at random intervals, or use the power of logic on intricate contraptions designed specifically for this challenge.

If all else fails, try searching up some walkthroughs online–just make sure not to spoil any surprises by reading beyond where you’re stuck!

This isn’t really cheating though because it’s only kind of breaking rules 😉 Sooner or later one of the puzzles must be solved in order to make progress, but you can always try a different room if one is proving too difficult.

You’re not trapped inside forever–there’s only so many hours before dawn breaks and your time runs out! Will you escape? 

The player has an hour left to find their way out of the house or they will remain there for eternity (unless someone else solves all the puzzles)

There are hints outside that might help them get through As soon as I started playing Escape The House.

I felt like it was going to be really easy because it doesn’t seem like anything changes after every restart. But then when I found myself stuck on this puzzle with no idea how to

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