Can you escape level 11.

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I know you’re probably wondering what this blog post is about.

Well, it’s about a game that I heard about from my friend on the bus home one day.

At first, I thought he was crazy because how could there be such an easy level and then suddenly jump up to 11?

But after hearing him talk more about it, I realized that he wasn’t talking about a video game at all!

The “game” is called Can You Escape Level 11 and can be played anywhere with anyone for free!

It turns out to have nothing to do with games at all but instead has everything to do with life.

This blog post will give you some tips on how you can make your escape from level 11 in your own life by following these simple steps.

Step One: Take a deep breath.

hand, faust, violent @ Pixabay

Often times, you feel like everything is going wrong and that the whole world has turned against you when in reality it’s just your own thoughts running away with themselves.

So take a minute to breathe deeply and tell yourself that things will get better soon enough if only we can make our escape from level 11!

Step Two: Talk about what’s gone wrong so far this week or day as long as there are some positives too!

For example, “I had an absolutely awful first half of my workday but then I got up and made myself lunch for break time.”

Remember to always keep looking for those silver linings because they’re often right around the corner.


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