Can you escape 50 rooms level 42?

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Have you ever played the game 50 Rooms?

If not, then I recommend that you do. It is a fun and challenging puzzle game. However, if you are looking for tips to help escape level 42 of 50 Rooms, then this blog post has just what you need! 

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Here are 10 tips for escaping room 42.

Tip One: Pay attention to the words in each room. Some may have clues as to how you can escape, and others might be hints for a future puzzle. Tip Two: There are items hidden throughout the rooms that will help you solve puzzles, such as keys or hint cards. When you find an item it is often important to remember where it was hiding so that you don’t forget about it later on when there’s no way of picking up another one! Tip Three: Sometimes all four walls need different types of power sources and sometimes they only need two opposite ones (like both O rings). You’ll know what type(s) your current wall needs by looking for symbols near the doorways on either side of them. The symbol


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