Can you escape 50 rooms level 33?

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You are trapped in a world of 50 rooms, and you must find your way out. The only thing is, the exit door to each room is locked! You will need to use your wit and puzzle solving skills to complete this game before time runs out. The puzzles of each room are not difficult, so don’t worry.

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Here’s a hint to help you with the first one: doors that require keys and locks can be opened by finding and using their corresponding key or lock! You must find your way out before time runs out in 50 Rooms level 33! Solve these puzzles quickly if you want to make it through this game alive.

Time is ticking away as soon as you enter into the world of 50 Rooms Level 33. The only thing on your mind should be how do I escape from here? You will need to think quick because seconds are precious in this game, so don’t waste them trying to figure out what we’re asking for when all we really need is a small


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