Can you escape 50 rooms level 31?

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Do you often find yourself stuck on level 31 in 50 Rooms?

If so, then this blog post will be perfect for you. Here we discuss what a level 31 means and how to beat it! A level 31 is the final boss for 50 Rooms. It’s a tough one, and will require some skill to beat it! – You need to find all of the objects in order to complete this level.

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There are three hidden throughout the map that you must collect before they disappear so be vigilant as your time runs out! In addition, there’s only six minutes on each clock at first, but if you collect enough points then more clocks with more time will appear. Keep an eye on them because they’ll run down quickly without warning when you’re not looking! Remember though: don’t let any of those items escape or else it’ll be game over for sure! -If you get stuck, try using hints


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