Can you equip a creature with shroud?

Shroud is a keyword ability that has been around since Alpha. Shroud makes it so the creature cannot be targeted by spells and abilities, until an upkeep step when the controller can choose to allow it to be targeted or not.

There are 11 different shades of shroud (a color classification system) in Magic:

The Gathering: In this article, we will go over each shade of shroud and how they affect gameplay in Magic. -Black Shroud: This shade of shroud prevents a creature from being targeted by any spell or ability. -Blue Shroud: A creature with blue shroud can’t be the target of spells that don’t have to name it, but they are still affected by cards like Island Sanctuary and Essence Scatter which only stop creatures without shroud.

This also means this type of shrouded creature is not able to block noncreature spells such as Lightning Bolt, Incendiary Flow, Shock etc.. Additionally, some abilities may require the card to identify what color(s) their effects will work on in order for them to function properly (examples include Ravages of War’s landfall effect). If a player tries casting an instant targeting one specific thing while

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