Can you eat wolverine?

animal, nature, wild @ Pixabay

Wolverine is a popular character in the Marvel Comics universe, but are wolverines actually edible?

Wolverine is a type of animal that can be found throughout North America and Eurasia. These creatures are often hunted for their fur, so many people wonder if they’re safe to eat. In this blog post we will discuss the possibility of eating wolverines! Eating Wolverines: The short answer to this question is no.

wolverine, wolverine on prairie, predator @ Pixabay

While it may seem like eating a wolverine would be an easy way to get your protein needs met, the truth is that these animals are not safe for human consumption. Wolverine meat can carry various diseases and parasites such as Trichinosis which causes muscle aches, high fever, fatigue, nausea and vomiting in humans with symptoms appearing between one or two days after ingestion of contaminated food (such as raw or undercooked meats).

On top of all of that there’s also a possibility you could end up ingesting parts from other animals through infected cuts on the animal’s hide which contaminates the flesh more than just insects during slaughter due to them being thicker skinned


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