Can you eat with invisalign?

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Invisalign is a treatment for teeth that uses clear plastic aligners to gradually move teeth into the right position. It’s been around since 1997, and there are many people who have had success with it.

One thing you might be wondering though is how can I eat with invisalign?

Don’t worry! We will answer your questions about eating while wearing Invisalign in this blog post!

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A lot of people who wear Invisalign have found it difficult to eat certain foods while wearing the aligners. It’s more natural for your teeth to move into their correct positions if you can’t chew or bite down too hard on things, which is another reason why some people get braces as well.

Some tips when eating with invisalign: avoid very hot food at first; drink through a straw if possible and cut up soft food so that you don’t need to use your front teeth much during chewing. You may also find that layering sauces over cooked vegetables (e.g., spaghetti sauce on pasta) makes it easier than using them separately in different dishes. Experiment with different utensils like forks, spoons


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