Some people might think that it’s alright to eat popcorn with braces, but there are a few dangers you should be aware of. It is important for your mouth and teeth to stay healthy, so they need proper care!

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In this blog post, we will explore the dangers of eating popcorn with braces in detail. The biggest danger is the popcorn kernels getting stuck in your braces and causing damage. The hard bits of corn can get caught between brackets, or even break off a tooth! Not only that, but if you eat too much sugary popcorn while wearing braces, it could cause severe dental problems like cavities due to plaque build up which occurs when sugar coats teeth.

Make sure to stop by Dr. Dentist for any other questions about eating with braces! (continue writing next sentences) -If there are kernels left on the roof of your mouth from eating popcorn, make them come out using salt water rinses. Gargle warm salty water and spit it into a cup before swallowing what’s leftover in your mouth (do


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