Can you eat pizza with braces?

brace, girl, dental brace @ Pixabay

If you’re anything like me, then braces are the worst thing ever. They make eating an unnecessarily complicated ordeal and they take away your favorite food! The good news is there are ways to have a fun time with braces while waiting for them to come off

– here’s 11 things that I did during my time in braces:

braces, dental, dentist @ Pixabay

1) Eat pizza without using my teeth (I used a fork!) Why it’s great: this is not a traditional way to eat pizza, but I think there are two benefits.

First, instead of just getting the cheese on my teeth and having an uneven bite from all those toppings – I got to have evenly distributed bites! Second, as much as we might dislike eating with braces (it feels like forever!), that means by doing something different you’re giving your mouth some well-deserved break time.

How do they work?

It can be hard for people who still have their wisdom teeth because when trying to use them through the wire mesh in your metal brackets or clear plastic retainer then even more food gets stuck between them which makes brushing afterwards very difficult. That said if you’ve already


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