Can you eat leather?

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It’s a question that both confuses and fascinates us. Can you eat leather?

Is it ok to eat leather? You know, like with an apple or something.. This post will answer the age old question for those of you who are wondering if it is ok to eat leather. The short answer is NO! But before we get into why, lets talk about what exactly “leather” is.

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Leather is the skin or hide of an animal, typically a cow. It can be processed into various forms such as in shoes, gloves, belts, and furniture upholstery to name a few items. Generally though, most people associate it with clothing because that’s what they wear on their body which could make them think about eating it!

If you’ve ever eaten steak before then you know that there are three types: beefsteak (the trimmed muscle meat), ground beef (a mixture of lean and fatty pieces) or something else entirely like lamb chops. However when someone says “pork chop” we all have images come to mind where we see the roasted cutlet served next to mashed potatoes at dinner time – not


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