Can you eat fox?

Foxes are a common sight in many backyards, and when they come too close to your house or yard you have two choices: either scare them away by yelling at them, or treat them like any other animal. If the fox is acting aggressive towards humans and pets it might be suffering from rabies, so don’t try to get close enough for a picture! It’s best just to keep your distance and call animal control if necessary.

fox, wild, animal @ Pixabay

More often than not though, you will find that foxes are being chased off by larger animals such as dogs or coyotes. There are a few ways to keep foxes away from your yard for good. – place chicken wire up around the area that you want to protect and bury it so the edges of the mesh don’t show; this is an inexpensive way to block them out, but it’s not really humane for animals or people trying to get in.

It also will only work on one side of your house or building, which means they could easily come back through another part of your property if they’re determined enough. – plant flowers: foxes love eating sweet smelling plants such as roses and daffodils, so planting some near where you live might drive them off without hurting any other animal life. The downside? They can just walk right

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