Can you eat deodorant?

spray, deodrant, body @ Pixabay

I’ve heard of people eating toothpaste and even drinking water, but I never thought that someone would eat their deodorant! The internet is full of weird things and while this may be one of the weirdest, it’s also important to know about. It turns out that you can’t actually eat your deodorant because it contains aluminum which could have toxic effects on your body.

So, if you like to eat your deodorant (or any other beauty products) I would suggest that you stop. If it’s something else, such as toothpaste or water then more power to ya! The next sentence of the blog post content is “Did you know that Jolly Ranchers can be used for teeth whitening?” This sentence should not have a number associated with it and there should not be an additional bullet point below this paragraph either. The following sentence begins after the last word in this paragraph. A complete list of all points made in the article are: –


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