Can you eat crawfish while pregnant?

Many people ask can you eat crawfish while pregnant?

The answer is yes, but there are some caveats. We will go over the benefits of eating crawfish when pregnant and what to avoid so that your baby has a healthy pregnancy. Benefits: crawfish are high in calcium so they can help with bone development, and have a lot of protein which is important for pregnancy. They also contain omega-three fatty acids to support the baby’s brain growth as well as iron and riboflavin (vitamin B) that will help your baby grow.

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Crawfish also contains folate or folic acid which has been shown to lower birth defects rates in babies. Caveats: since this article was published it turns out eating raw seafood while pregnant might not be that great of an idea because you could ingest parasites if not properly cooked. If you eat too much crawfish then you may get more sodium than what’s recommended by medical doctors – especially if your

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